Gmail 4 Troops

Gmail 4 Troops is an interesting service. They are helping gmail users who want to donate accounts to service members. On their site, they say:

Gmail is the new email service from Google ( They are offering 1 GigaBybe (1000 megabytes) of free space for their users (compared to 100 megabytes for Yahoo, and 5 megabytes for Hotmail) The Interface is also VERY speedy compared to whats out there. Right now it’s in beta testing and is invite only. People are swapping invites for silly things. Troops abroad have a real use for these accounts. Loved ones can send them movies or photos from home and they don’t have to worry about having to delete things. If you are a troop and would like a Gmail Invite, or you have invites to offer, post!

So, I’m donating a couple of invitations (which means that I only have two left of the 5 I offered earlier…).

If you have a gmail account and a spare invitation, why don’t you consider doing this, too?