Google Browser

I have that same feeling I had back in the Mac vs. PC, IE vs. Netscape days… a heady feeling of partisanship. I feel great affection for Google, and use several of their suite of products… the deskbar, IE browser bar, Blogger (obviously), gmail, notifier, image search, and so forth. If they do bring out a browser (go Opera!?! [but I’d love a Firefox version, too) I’d switch in a heartbeat.

Yahoo! News – Falling Crucifix Kills Woman

Yahoo! News – Falling Crucifix Kills Woman:

Oddly Enough – Reuters

ROME (Reuters) – A 67-year-old woman was killed when a three-meter tall metal crucifix fell on her head in a small southern Italian town on Wednesday, police said.

The cross, which has been in the main square on Sant’Onofrio for decades, fell on Maddalena Camillo while workers were setting up lights for an annual religious festival.

Italy, home to the Vatican, is a predominantly Roman Catholic country where crucifixes and religious icons and effigies are a common sight in most towns and villages.