Resources for the Resistance

I realized today that I was seeing a bunch of helpful links, and I have not been tracking them. I’m going to put them here for my use, but if you know of good ones, let me know and I’ll share them.

It’s probably obvious, but inclusion here in no way implies that I’ve vetted the groups, nor am I recommending them. If I find out that a given link is dubious, I’ll drop it. Also, I’m not even going to pretend that this is in any way an all-inclusive list.

I’m intending this list as a resource for people who are wondering what they can do to help, but I’m pretty sure that if you wanted to throw some cash their way, these organizations would be happy for that sort of help in return)

Author: Jorah Lavin

I grew up in New England, moved to the Carolinas in '98 to start working at what was then a large regional bank and is now a really big nationwide bank. I work doing intranet content management and intranet site management for said bank. After work, I watch movies & eat. I started knitting years ago in order to take a break from my school work. I haven't stopped yet. I'm also learning to spin. I blog about knitting on A Tinker's Damn: