Memo from the Gods: Time to Stop Drinking So Much

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – An inebriated Belgian woman died in a freak accident
when she ended up beneath a heavy grave stone at a cemetery, local news
agency Belga said Wednesday.

The 33-year-old was on her way home from a bar in the Belgian town of
Pulle in the early hours of Saturday when she took a short cut through the

But she urgently needed to relieve herself and crouched down between two
gravestones. As she lost her balance, she grabbed one of the stones which
gave way and landed on top of her.

The public prosecutor’s office said she died of suffocation as she was
unable to lift the heavy stone. – Largest Asteroid Might Contain More Fresh Water than Earth

The largest known asteroid could contain more fresh water than Earth and looks like our planet in other ways, according to a new study that further blurs the line between planets and large space rocks.

Astronomers took 267 images of asteroid Ceres using the Hubble Space Telescope. From these images and subsequent computer simulations, they suggest Ceres may have a rocky inner core and a thin, dusty outer crust.

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National Next of Kin Registry and other ways to find people lost in

Some links to resources for locating missing persons:

Coast Guard Missing Persons Registry:

Register missing people here:

This is a page where you can look for people who have contacted CNN to let
others know that they are safe:

This is a “master list” of sites that allow registration of missing
persons and also registration of people who are safe:

General information about Katrina relief efforts (not an official site)