Spam Poetry

I found this one from the Blogger main page. The first poem I found on Kristin’s page seemed amazing to me. I post it here only so that I don’t lose it in her archives. She says that all of her poems are assembled from the subject lines of SPAM she gets…

I don’t know, I’ve never noticed interesting stuff like that, but maybe I’ll look at my SPAM basket in a different way tomorrow.

Kristin Thomas Spam Poetry: Sunday, March 28, 2004

Its the girl who always loved you

its the one that got away

Its the moment that escapes you

when the predator is prey

its the way to finally take charge

its a question of your hate

its the easiest part of your new life

when you finally seize the day

When the one you want rejects you

When the pain is its own drug

when you can’t take another moment

it is time for them to pay.

– by Kristin Thomas

New e-mail service from Google may top Yahoo!, Microsoft –

By VANESSA DENNIS Copy editor.

Watching Microsoft get beat is always fun. It’s like rooting against the Yankees or the Lakers. No one likes them, and when they lose, it is sweet victory.

Google totally has topped Yahoo! and Microsoft by venturing into the e-mail market and offering free accounts that give you one gigabyte of storage.

This is a hundred times what others like Hotmail offer.

I personally have been a Yahoo! user for a long time.

Hotmail deleted my whole inbox once and I have never gone back.

And I am sure others also will be leaving. A free gig should be enough to get anyone to go through the hassle of changing their e-mail address.

Google says its service should be up in a few weeks.

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Integrated Web Design: Social Networking – The Relationship between Humans and Computers is Coming of Age

by Molly Holzschlag

The interaction between community, computers, and society is now being referred to as “social networking,” and it’s making a lot of heads turn. But what is social networking, really, and what does it mean to web technologists? In this compelling article by Molly Holzschlag, you’ll learn what social networking is, which languages are emerging to support it, and what it might mean for the next generation of web design and development. Read More…