Robonaut will go where humans would be in danger

This is NASA's picture, which I just borrowed to illustrate this story

This story is about a robot that is being developed by a team at NASA. The idea is to have a machine that can do “EVA”s… Extra-Vehicular Activities… which are very dangerous for people. The robot will be primarily controlled directly by people, not self-operating, and is shaped like a human torso so that it can be remote-controlled in a sensible way (if it was shaped like a spider, for instance, people would have a hard time learning to operate it), and so that it can use the tools NASA has on hand in space for astronauts to use.

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Lingua Franca – 17/03/01: The Newspeak of the New Millenium…

Lingua Franca – 17/03/01: The Newspeak of the New Millenium…: ”

Saturday 17/03/01

The Newspeak of the New Millenium…


At a recent Colloquium on ‘the power of the word’

at Churchill College, Cambridge, the plain-speaking

Nigerian writer and human rights campaigner

WOLE SOYINKA attacked the language of political

correctness. “

Will Google Netscape Microsoft? by Paul Allen

Last November, Google released its Deskbar, which allows you to search the web from your Windows toolbar without using a browser. I use it occasionally; but when I first learned about it I blogged a memo to Larry Page and Sergey Brin with what I thought was a brilliant idea, but probably one that had occured to them long before. I suggested that Google provide a free search tool that would index all your personal email and all the files on your desktop. If they did this two years before Microsoft releases Longhorn, with local and web search integrated into the OS, Google’s chances for survival would dramatically increase.

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