Cooper: Well-designed products

by Dave Cronin

A common affliction plaguing many of us interaction designers is the propensity to complain and kvetch about every piece of software on our computers, cell-phones and cars. And it’s true -there is a lot of bad software out there.

To offset this sometimes irritating tendency to critique and redesign everything we see, I’d like to offer a selection of software that I consider to be truly well-designed. To avoid creating a list that is simply an expression of my personal taste (which of course it is, to some extent), I devised some criteria as necessary aspects of a well-designed software product.

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(I found two bits of software on this page that I’d never heard of… both of which I may actually have a use for… let me know if you find something you like.)

Orlando Bloom is the new young James Bond! – The Times of India

Orlando Bloom is the new young James Bond! – The Times of India:

LONDON: British actor Orlando Bloom actor has been signed by Miramax to play young James Bond in his new movie which is based on the college days of this widely popular secret agent.

There were rumours floating that Bloom is taking over the role of James Bond from Pierce Brosnan in the next film due out next November.

According to Ananova, Bond producers were looking for a new leading man and Bloom was the lucky guy who got the role.

(does anyone else think this is strange?)