ESA – Mars Express – Mars on your desktop – WALLPAPERS

ESA – Mars Express – Mars on your desktop – WALLPAPERS

“Download more astonishing images of Mars for memorable wallpapers.
These remarkably detailed new images of the surface of Mars were taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera on board Mars Express. Another onboard camera, OMEGA, has scanned the surface with its combined camera and infrared spectrometer to send back colourful images of its composition.”

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Quickly Toggle Formulas On And Off

“If you need to take a quick look at your worksheet formulas you can display them by pressing CTRL+~(tilde). The tilde key is to the left of the 1 key. Do not press CTRL+SHIFT+~, just CTRL+~. Each time you press this key combination, it will toggle between showing formulas and values. ”

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