Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Visit October 2005

Dave Rogers Big Bugs exhibition Myrriah and I recently took my Mom to visit the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden to see the Dave Rogers Big Bugs exhibition. This small site documents our visit. While the artist has his own photo gallary online, I don’t think I did too badly with these photos, though some are overexposed. We all had a good time, and with the AAA discount, we got in pretty cheaply. We went mid-week, and were almost the only people there. We will certainly be back for more visits, and will be sure to bring a picnic basket along with us. You can view the show by clicking on individual image in the left frame, or by clicking “previous picture” or “next picture” in the menu at the top. Go ahead and get started!

PS: This site might be VERY slow if you look at it using a “dial-up” connection. There are a lot of photos… http://madstone.net/DSBG-2005-10/index.html