Long long lacy gloves

I finally started work on the “long long lacy gloves” pattern from Lace Style by Allen and Budd. I worked on the lace cuff from mid afternoon until bed time off and on, and only completed two and a half repeats. I frogged and tinked so many times that the yarn started to fray. I have to have this pair done by the first Tuesday in April so that I can enter them in the Charlotte Knitting Guild 1st annual contest. I am starting to wonder if I can do it.

(a few hours later)

I’m up to 5 repeats of the pattern now. Two more repeats and I’ll be done with the basic structure of the cuff. Here are some Work in Progress pix…

Lace Edging Detail


Lace Edging 1


Lace Edging Scale

I’ll take a moment to thank the unknown knitters who thought up the “safety cord” for use in knitting. It saved my sanity last night when I had to rip that third repeat back 6 times. By the way, this is a newish (I think) yarn of the brand name of Yummy.