First glove finished!

I still have to sew on the false buttons on the cuff, but otherwise this first glove is finished. Now to begin the second… Long long lacy gloves

Detail of the glove


I really appreciate the comments… Turtlegirl, Cat, and Bron!

This glove, my first lace attempt, has really increased my respect for people who do complex lace. The cuff was the only really lacy part, but I had a   very hard time keeping track of the pattern repeats in the sleeve section, and probably came close to knitting the entire thing twice, when you consider how many times I frogged the first section. I still have to block it today. I’m not used to having such an exciting social life, what with the Harlot’s book signing, then the Yarnaholics of Rock Hill on Wednesday, and my best friend’s birthday dinner tonight… and dinner out with other friends tomorrow! More activity than our usual two months.