Done Some Monday Afghan

I went to a great event this month, the Charlotte version of the World Wide Knit in Public Day (a.k.a. WWKiP Day). The Charlotte Knitting Guild (who organized it) and a raft of local yarn shops and other sponsors (who donated supplies and raffle prizes) created an event that I hope will recur every year for many years. I was got there late and had to leave early, and as I was slowly and sadly trudging away with my knitting, my cooler, and my folding chair, I heard someone calling me on a bullhorn. I walked back to find that I’d won an afghan kit from Charlotte Yarn! The kit included a circular needle, ten balls of EncoreĀ® Worsted yarn, and a book of afghan patterns. It is produced by Plymouth Yarn, and the booklet has 15 designs by JoAnne Turcotte, the Design Director of the company.

I probably would never have done a piece this large without the kit to get me started. I am about to finish the second repeat, doing 3 to 6 rows a night just before bed. The pattern is easy enough to do while watching a movie. I think I’m going to like the finished work a lot, but the white color is doomed in our house. The poor thing is already covered in black cat fur.

My first afghan

A couple of quick snapshots

Afghan in progress 2


By the way, my nickname for this project is a joke about how slowly I knit. The pattern book is called “Done by Monday Afghans.” The intro describes a person casting on after work on Friday and finishing up on Sunday evening after a relaxing weekend of knitting by the fire. I’m estimating that it would take me three such weekends to finish this project… so yeah, I’ll be done by Monday. Some Monday!