a post a week?

I saw that WordPress is offering ideas to encourage people to write more on their blogs.  The idea is one I’ve seen before; send an idea a day to your email and you’re supposed to use the idea as a starting point for a blog post. Friday’s idea was “List three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.

I like this one. Ummm… Ireland, New Zealand, and Iceland, I’ll say today. I could probably make a list of 30 countries I’d like to visit.

Honestly, feel free to skip this post. I’m only doing this to keep my ‘blogging muscles’ limber.

Ireland: in the tangled briar patch that is my family tree, one of the few things that seems certain is that at least one of my grandfathers came from Ireland. I’d like to see the place, and see if that sense of yearning that I get when I see photos of the countryside survives the reality being there. Strikes me as an excellent place to spend a few hours drinking ale and knitting.

New Zealand: Gotta see the landscape from the Lord of the Rings movies.

Iceland: Volcanoes

Interesting. I thought this would have a lot more to do with knitting. I probably should have chosen Scotland, Estonia, and Norway?