Nearly derailed but still limping along…

…meaning my plans to write a post or two over breakfast this morning. I didn’t get that done, but here I am writing anyway, so it seems I’ll write a short post today after all. Naturally, it will be about what distracted me!

I read an email from the WordPress “Challenge for 2011” folks, and when I followed one of the link-chains from there I ended up at the “innate index” personality test.  I’m a sucker for standardized tests, and I wanted to see if the results correlated at all with the Clifton StrengthsFinder profile I took at work last week. And of course I had to send an email off to my wife with a link to the test, too.

Then I realized that I couldn’t very well type (or at least… not type very well) while eating a bowl-full of raisin bran, muesli, and FiberOne (good mix of stuff, really…!), so I checked the rav boards for the mitten challenge. So many people have posted excellent mittens. It took me a while to read through the 6 or 8 threads with new posts.

Two of us agreed that it’s okay to make a pair of Bella’s Mittens even if we didn’t like the movie or book.

An old friend from the Insanity forum wandered in and joined the challenge, and she requested patterns for stranded mittens that weren’t too feminine; I resisted adding any of them to my queue.

The drier buzzed at me, so I hung up a bunch of my shirts for work, then put a bunch of cardboard boxes out for recycling. One of them—the shipping crate for the very computer I’m using to write this post—will be great for hauling books to the Goodwill center once I start cleaning out the library, so it went back down into the basement.

That visit led me to start thinking again about my project to move my workbench to the back room and get back to fixing Myr’s spinning wheel. One big class of stuff occupying space on and under the bench comprises my reloading gear. I haven’t reloaded anything in 2+ years (and that was just a batch of a hundred shotshells that I still haven’t used), and several more years before that since I did any serious reloading. I invested a LOT of cash and time into building that setup, along with the reference books and associated lead melting gear, etc. But… I am beginning to think I’d feel better if I had that space back (the ‘psychic space’ as much as the physical).

Question being… do I set everything back up and try to use up a bunch of the consumables on hand… primers, brass, bullets, and powder… or do I just do a clean break? The dedicated .45 acp setup along with the shotshell rig could probably sell for enough to get me a spinning wheel of my own. And I could keep the RockChucker press in case I ever want to make a few custom loads. This way I can convince my inner hoarder that I’m not really giving up an older and once-beloved hobby.

Okay, time for work. Hope you have a great day.

Some of you I’ll see at Guild tonight. Jane’s short-row presentation! Woot!