Just Leave It There

A guy I follow on Fitocracy wrote a blog post called “Leave It There.” I read the post about three weeks ago. Given that I read stuff all day long—lots of stuff—you might think that I’d have forgotten about this single blog post. I haven’t. In fact, I would guess that I’ve skipped eating at least a half dozen impulse meals because of that post. I’ve also left several high-priced items on shelves when I was tempted to buy them. This post is having a real effect on me.

One of the key lines:

You have learn to leave it there if you’re going to get anywhere with this and you have to stop punishing yourself with food.

My issues aren’t the same as his issues, but part of the fix might be similar. I’ve found myself saying under my breath “Just leave it there.”

Many thanks to Vainglory for writing about his journey.