Day 6/70: Weight outlier?

My weight tends to be stable. Very stable. As an example, recently I was at 186 pounds for over a year, never moving more than a half a pound in either direction. I had been steady at 184 for over two years prior to that.

When I started working out—without changing my diet—I figured I’d finally drop a pound or two. Nope, I went right up to 188 and stayed there for two months.

People said “It’s just that you are putting on some muscle weight.” I tried to believe them.

A family visit during which I pretended to be the Little Pig Who Wanted to Eat Everything put my weight at 190.5 in early September.

Increased workouts didn’t budge my weight below 189. That brings us up to November.

Last week I finally decided that I needed to start watching my food intake. I’ve been skipping extra portions, eating salad rather than noodles, dropped burgers and breakfast sandwiches… cut out the extra can of beer after dinner. I’m not ‘on a diet,’ but just being careful. The YAYOG book suggests that a weight loss goal of .5 to 1.5 pounds a week is good, so I was pleased when I started wobbling between 187 and 188.5. I figured that I was starting down the hill finally. So I was really surprised when my wake-up weight today was 186. Sheesh, I haven’t seen that on the scale since June. Hello!

I’ve no idea if this is just an odd blip or whether I can stabilize again below 187, but I’m going to use it as a motivator to stay on the lighter-meal path. The ironic thing is that yesterday I pigged out on a giant plate of Malaysian curry and brown rice. (If that’s diet food, I’ll keep dieting!)

This is a rest day…

But I couldn’t resist taking a walk around the community. It’s exactly 5.5 km if I go around three times. I also wanted credit for walking up six floors at work yesterday after the fire drill!

  • Walked up the stairs (in lieu of the elevator):
    • 6 floors (+12 pts)
  • Walking:
    • 0:48:09 || 5.5 km (+192 pts)