Day 10/70

Jorah earned 375 points for:

  • Push-Up:
    • 10 reps (+15 pts)
    • I did a set of 10 of the version where you pause at the top, raise one hand, and touch the opposite shoulder, trying not to move at all (brief one-arm plank) …alternating hands each push-up.
  • Plank:
    • 66 sec (+23 pts)
    • 11 sec (+3 pts)
    • 10 sec (+3 pts)
    • 13 sec (+4 pts)
    • 9 sec (+3 pts)
    • 1st was sloppy alternating 1-arm plank (cat demanded brushing), rest were RKC Planks. This is a jogging day, but I wanted to warm up my back before going out, see if I can prevent those nasty stitches I get sometimes in my upper back and the sides of my rib cage.
  • Running:
    • 0:40:33 || 5.5 km (+288 pts)
    • Haven’t gone for a jog in something like 9 days. [[ later ]] …okay, that gave me a real sense of accomplishment. Not only is this the first time I’ve gone further than a mile without stopping, but I went the whole way without shifting into a walk. Yikes. Now to start decreasing my times.
  • Turkish Get-Up (kettlebell):
    • 35 lb x 1 reps (+36 pts)
    • Tried this out with my wife spotting me. One rep each side. Interesting!

Weight: 183.5