Our Overlords Are Not Our Friends

I’ve lately been pondering how many of the ills that beset the ordinary poor, working class, and middle-class person in the world can be linked directly to the power that the ultra-rich have & will do anything to protect.

If you scratch the surface of organized religion, politics, poverty, law enforcement, the economy, racism, white supremacy, misogyny, labor, unemployment, education, war, or environmental degradation, you find a thread leading back to the oligarchs. Each of these nominally disparate things either directly feeds their power & wealth or protects them at the first, second, or third remove.

I have no idea how to effect change to this system. It feels as if there is no way to change a structure so carefully constructed, that has existed for so long, and has so many interlocking protections.

Sorry, just some dismal thoughts on the day the second impeachment trial grinds to its inevitable conclusion.