Ian’s Shoelace Site – How to tie an "Ian Knot"

Ian’s Shoelace Site – How to tie an “Ian Knot”

Wow. I am officially not strange.

Yes, you really can find just about everything online.

Author: Jorah Lavin

I grew up in New England, moved to the Carolinas in '98 to start working at what was then a large regional bank and is now a really big nationwide bank. I work doing intranet content management and intranet site management. After work, I practice Aikido, knit, ride my motorcycle, read, watch movies & eat. I've been studying Aikido since 2014, and I ride a Yamaha V-Star 1300. I am pretty sure that I want to hike the Appalachian Trail someday.

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  1. I’ve tried it, and it really is easy to tie (and FAST) once you get the hang of it. I haven’t practiced enough to get it as snug as I usually have my laces, but it is a sweet knot. Can I overcome 40 years of habit, though?

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