Reloading… reloaded

FINALLY, after 22 months without doing any reloading, then weeks of ordering bench parts, buying lumber, uncrating presses, organizing tools, ordering components… I acutally sat down and made some rounds today. I finished making some .30-06, around 130 of them, and am working my way through my first batch of .223. I’m starting with 24.3 grains of H335 behind 52 grain HPBT from Sierra.

Now I just gotta get to the range and try ’em out.

Author: Jorah Lavin

I grew up in New England, moved to the Carolinas in '98 to start working at what was then a large regional bank and is now a really big nationwide bank. I work doing intranet content management and intranet site management. After work, I practice Aikido, knit, ride my motorcycle, read, watch movies & eat. I've been studying Aikido since 2014, and I ride a Yamaha V-Star 1300. I am pretty sure that I want to hike the Appalachian Trail someday.

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