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Trying to understand draft
Trying to understand "draft"

I don’t have any finished objects “on film” right now, but I can show a couple of things. In early November I helped represent the Charlotte Knitting Guild at the “Charity Convergence” event organized by The Yarn Shop in Pineville, North Carolina. Myr and I got to the event a little ahead of when I was scheduled to start my ‘shift’ on the Guild table so that I could take the introductory spinning class sponsored by the shop.

We got there toward the end of the lesson, but the instructor was kind enough to take some time with me. I learned a couple of things… 1) the important skill seems to be drafting, not spinning the spindle, which is easy to do… and 2) it is difficult to look intelligent when your jaw is hanging open. Now I just need to practice my wool carding and get the spindle going. Just the thing to fill the empty hours that burden my life.

I did walk away with a fragment of actual yarn… or wool twine, if you want to be more accurate.

I had a good time at the Convergence. I knitted a good portion of the “giant” socks I was working on (yes, the pair is done… photos soon) hung out with a couple of the nice folks from the Guild, and had a rather good lunch. I’m not sure I helped the Guild or the Convergence much, but if it is true that “showing up” is important, then I can say I definitely did that!

Myr brought her bobbin lace and had a steady stream of people stopping to watch her make lace. One of my favorite moments was when a woman watched for a while, then went and grabbed a friend and dragged her over to Myr’s table. She waved one hand at Myr and said commandingly “do some!”

When we finally left the event we stopped at The Yarn Shop and I picked up some most excellent wool to make into a drop-stitch pattern scarf for a friend from work. The scarf is done, but I’ve not yet woven in the ends …and it desperately needs washing and blocking before going in front of a camera!

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