Sandy’s Tam

I finished Sandy’s tam in plenty of time to deliver it to her. She seemed very pleased by it, running off several times to try it on in front of a mirror. She says that she never wears hats, but plans to wear this one.  That makes me happy.

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Sandy is our neighbor back in the North Quabbin area of Massachusetts.

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She has been a tremendous help to us… giving us a place to stay last spring and this fall. I don’t think she realizes how incredibly grateful we are. I’m going to make a scarf for her that matches the tam.

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I probably will try making her a pair of mittens, too, though fingerless gloves might be more practical… she takes care of disabled kids and is constantly putting them into the car, so she needs her dexterity.

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Sandy, if you ever read this, let me just say again THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for us. You are the BEST.

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Author: Jorah Lavin

I grew up in New England, moved to the Carolinas in '98 to start working at what was then a large regional bank and is now a really big nationwide bank. I work doing intranet content management and intranet site management. After work, I practice Aikido, knit, ride my motorcycle, read, watch movies & eat. I've been studying Aikido since 2014, and I ride a Yamaha V-Star 1300. I am pretty sure that I want to hike the Appalachian Trail someday.

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  1. beautiful hat!

    I found your site via Inanna, she is my cousin and we have “reconnected” so to speak.

    I get so excited meeting other fiber lovers!

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