Shelter in place

Jorah and Myr’s house…
  • Clean water can and move it to central area (attic?).
  • Acquire additional water storage
  • Plastic sheeting (government preparedness lists always mention this… need to find out why)
  • Stapler
  • Tape
  • Gas cooker (clean and check) …note, this cooker may be in Massachusetts
  • Bucket with bags for porta-potty (Currently [June 2013] have heavy-duty “contractor grade” trash bags in bug-out box.. set aside one or two plastic buckets for this use.)
  • Get ground coffee and put it into the freezer
  • Get extra cat food kibble and put it into the freezer, have an extra box of canned food in the closet and swap it out monthly.
  • Hatchet, saw, other basic tools to attic to keep out of flood
  • Fill up the extra propane tank
  • Learn how to turn off the gas!
  • Make sure that Myr knows how to get the breaker box open and shut off the electricity
  • Talk with Myr to set up gathering area if the house is unavailable for any reason (pool?)