About me and my knitting

I have done various craft-like activities since I got out of high school… some years I did none, some years I did a fair amount. I used was a carpenter’s helper and got some skill with those tools. Later, I learned the basics of crochet, but it didn’t really take. I like making nets, but there isn’t much I’ve found to do with them. Only so many net bags needed. I got into target shooting about 14 years ago, and have a pretty decent reloading setup, but haven’t been able to go shooting in a long time, so there isn’t much use for the bench. During a school break six years ago, I asked my wife to try (again) to teach me to knit. For some reason, it really grabbed me this time. As I hoped, it is enough different from the kinds of mental activities I do at work that it really feels like a break.

I have found that I can knit very well on the train and while waiting to feel sleepy at night.

Knitting feels like a good thing to do. I’ve knitfor six years, and it has become part of my life, like reading or watching movies.

I long ago got over any sense of embarrassment about being a guy who knits.