From the DNRC newsletter

Here are some more true quotes from Induhviduals as reported by DNRC field operatives.

“the cream of the corn.”

“too many cooks in the broth.”

“The short answer is ‘Yes.’ The long answer is ‘No.'”

“Get your game faces on, because this is not a game!”

“Looks like I’ve spent the day chasing a wild herring! “

“We are the glue that keeps things moving. “

“Fits like a charm! Wait… fits like a shoe?”

“See me verbally.”

“That guy is running around like a chicken with his legs cut off.”

“It just like stealing teeth from a baby.”

“It’s like the rooster guarding the hen house.”

“That guy doesn’t have a spine to stand on.”

“If we don’t start shipping things sooner lead times will just get longer.”

“I can tell you this, they are all sitting 2 inches higher in their seats, because they all just crapped their pants.”

“You’re barking up a dead tree.”

“That’s my sixth cents, for what it’s worth.”

“That’s not his cup of cake.”

“You don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot because you might want to take a walk later.”

“That raised a human cry.”

(I admit, the last one stumped me until I said it out loud)

How to feel like an idiot for wasting ten minutes having fun

If I wasn’t so busy with school work, this would totally wreck my
morning (be strong… be STRONG…)

The game is, you are a robot with one tool… a “sticky rope” that you
can shoot up at the roof. You have to avoid swinging down into a row
of points at the bottom of the screen. Start by shooting the rope up
at a mid-distant point on the roof. Hold the mouse-button down. You’ll
start swinging to the right. Before you go off-screen, when you are
still rising, let go of the mouse button.

You will arc up, then start down again. Shoot another rope into the
roof and repeat, seeing how far you can go before dying. I only got
about 800 meters on my 4th try. Since the game is in Japanese, I’m
just guessing at the rules I wrote above, they may be wrong. Let me
know if you have fun with this.