I never thought much about it, but with the increasingly tight network
security at work, and my seeming inability to actually get around to
visiting the Blogger site to write new posts, this (new?) feature
seems good; while exploring the updated Blogger site, I found that
they now allow you to post to your blog just by sending an email. Oh,
and it seems that they now offer comments for non-paying members. If
so, I’ll probably delete the Comment This comment system I was using.

Obligatory circular reference… is updated

I use Blogger to write this page. The auto-archiving and neat-o templates made it my choice over doing the HTML manually (although, I admit to tweaking the templates ever so slightly). At any rate, I recommend the Blogger system, and wanted to note that the Blogger site has gotten a design refresh. I liked the older, sorta-funky look, but the new one is very clean.

Visit Blogger…