Pix of the finished cable toque (Lion Brand Cable Hat – FO)

Me, wearing the first cable project I ever attemptedI finally got time to take some snapshots of my cable hat. It is really too small for me. The brim is supposed to be folded up, but if I do that, the thing sits on the top of my head like a skullcap. Still, it is done and no disasters this time. I’m not displeased. My nephew Jack in New Hampshire is getting this one.

Closeup of the cable toque

First Scarf, First FO

Garter Ridge ScarfSince this is going to be my knitting blog, I better start with a post about my first knitting project. I will recount my path to becoming an MK (male knitter) (or is it MWK [man who knits]?) in much greater detail in future posts, but it is fair to say that I started this scarf in September and finished it in November. I’ve gotten a lot faster than that. My second scarf only took about 5 weeks, and my third is wrapping soon, probably 3-4 weeks. I made this first one on bamboo #8 needles, the yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease in the “wood” color. Pattern is from Knitting for Dummies. I was frustrated with how long it took me to get the item finished, but I was able to fix most of my mistakes with the help of my wonderful knitting instructor, my long-suffering wife Myrriah. Here are a couple more views of the thing… which I’ve been wearing when it actually gets cold here in the Charlotte, NC area.

Garter Ridge Scarf made of Wool-Ease acrylic/wool blend yarn in worsted weight
Garter Ridge scarf from Knitting for Dummies