Bug in the Comment This comments… only in the archives, and only for IE (AFAIK)


I think that I should just switch to Firefox and get it over with. I’ve needed to use it for school, but after downloading the latest Netscape Navigator, maybe I’ll use NN for school and Firefox for everything else.

What I’m bitching about is that I’ve just discovered that, if I go into the archives for this blog (with IE), and try to read the comments that people have left (the Comment This comments, anyway), I can’t. But if I use Firefox, I can.

Since only the Comment This comments tool shows up on the home page, (I can’t figure out how to make the Blogger comments work on the home page) I really want to keep using it, but now with this IE bug… sheesh. Well, perhaps this bug will push me to use Firefox more often, and maybe it will also push me to figure out why the Blogger comments work fine in the archives but not in the index page. {{ sigh }} I’ve probably screwed something up in the template.

Author: Jorah Lavin

I grew up in New England, moved to the Carolinas in '98 to start working at what was then a large regional bank and is now a really big nationwide bank. I work doing intranet content management and intranet site management. After work, I practice Aikido, knit, ride my motorcycle, read, watch movies & eat. I've been studying Aikido since 2014, and I ride a Yamaha V-Star 1300. I am pretty sure that I want to hike the Appalachian Trail someday.

4 thoughts on “Bug in the Comment This comments… only in the archives, and only for IE (AFAIK)”

  1. Never hurts to run it through w3’s validator, maybe you can find something there next time. Troubleshooting can be a real pain.

  2. Scott, I’d love to do that, but the template was originally 4.01 transitional, and Blogger plugs in XHTML tags, so the validator chokes… 🙁

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