Help a knitta, mebbee win some nice yarn

So one of my Ravelry friends is running some research on hand and arm sizes, and she’s offering a prize of some nice wool yarn as potential “payoff” for doing some (ahem) manual labor and posting your info on her blog:

Have at it, and let her know you heard about it from me! 🙂

Ribbed Halfdome done!

I had a bunch of time on Saturday while being the “designated driver” for our house at the Lace Guild meeting, and finished up my Halfdome variant. This is the basic Halfdome hat from Knitty, done in-the-round based on Puddock’s instructions. I made it after finishing the Halfdome for a friend of mine at work. I didn’t care for the rolled brim, so I put two inches of ribbing on my version. I’m not 100% happy with it, but it will make a good cool-weather hat, I think, for the late fall or early spring when a really warm watch cap isn’t really needed. I may rip out a couple of rows and fix the pointy bit right at the top, if I get the energy.

Ribbed Halfdome hat
Ribbed Halfdome hat.

Ribbed Halfdome hat, top view

Ribbed Halfdome hat from the top.