Stocking Cap

I’ve been thinking about old-time stocking caps for a couple of years, the kind that people are shown as wearing to bed in old illustrations, such as for A Christmas Carol, and finally decided to develop one myself. I started with an i-cord, then began increasing once every second row. I had four balls of Dale of Norway yarn that I picked up when a LYS closed down. The yarn turned out to be perfect for this project,  as it gave a very smooth finish.

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For the stripes, I had a vague idea of using the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical progression where you add the previous number to the current item in the series (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 …) but as the result of several incidents of severe distraction, I end up with something closer to random stripe widths. I did better on the ribbing section for the brim. I still need to add some golden jinglebells to the end of the cap, for the full silly experience. Hoping to give this as a present for Yule this year.

Trying to revive the blog…

I’m trying to get myself back into writing. I’ve been keeping up pretty well with my knitting, but have been so busy at work that when I’m at home I usually feel too tired to write much of anything. However… I’ve discovered that I miss posting here, so after a seven-month break, here I go again.

First up, the third of my colorful caps, this one knitted in size “baby.” I knitted it on July 4th, finishing by weaving in the ends of the strands on Sunday the 5th. I found out on Monday the 6th that the baby I made it for was also born on the 4th! So the color selection turned out to be perfect.

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I used the basic pattern from the book Knit Hats! by Deb and Lynda Gemmell, modifying it to use letters I mocked up using spreadsheet software. I particularly like how the top of the hat turned out. I’m hoping for a photo of the baby wearing the cap, but since he is the nephew of a co-worker, I hold out little hope of getting one.

From Knitting projects

Want the book?
Knit Hats!: 15 Cool Patterns to Keep You Warm