Random finished object

I didn’t realize how many things I’ve missed out on posting on the blog over the last couple of years. In June of ’09 I finally finished my first pair of socks intended for me. I made these cuff-down, two-at-at-time on a long circular needle. They are made with Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Size 12.5 US Men’s socks are big socks.

I ran out of yarn about half way along the foot. My wife wrote about how we found additional yarn on her blog…

Socks I made for myself


I’ve worn the socks a couple of dozen times, I’d guess. They’d get more use except that they’re so warm that I can’t wear them except on the coldest days. The soles have fulled a bit, but that’s not a problem. I’m still very pleased with them. Only my third pair of socks.