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“The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port, the biggest U.S. oil import
terminal, stopped unloading cargoes from tankers at noon New Orleans
time yesterday, spokesman Mark Bugg said. The port’s onshore
facilities, where crude is stored and dispatched to pipelines, may be
shut tomorrow, he said.

“The port is about 20 miles off the Louisiana coast and handles about
1 million barrels of crude oil a day, or 11 percent of U.S. imports.
It consists of mooring buoys, platforms and pipelines. Unloading of a
tanker carrying west African crude oil was stopped earlier yesterday,
Bugg said.”

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Phoenix Masonry

“We believe that Freemasonry recognizes that times do change and we must grow with them. Our roots are firmly planted in the Renaissance of the Dark Ages, but its branches extend into the future. That future is one of technology, science, literature and music and is a course we as Phoenixmasons (e-Masons) are committed to shine ‘further Light’ upon. We believe in those solemn obligations taken at our sacred altar to provide for the less fortunate, exemplify patriotism, and perform the duties of citizenship. Now, let us enjoy true fellowship attending this electronic Research Society while practicing its principles, tenets and beliefs; ever-remembering that it is the shared synergy of Brotherly Love and affection that heals us both physically and spiritually.” Interesting take on the old style of Masonry, as I understand it from the outside. I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that Masonry has become Moribund… Perhaps these “e masons” will build a new future for the Craft…

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