Norwegian Purl

I spent part of today learning Cat B.’s continental purl, but found that having the stitches twisted was discouraging, because I couldn’t really tell which ones were purl and knit stitches when I was checking my work. They basically all looked like mistakes. She mentioned in the video to expect this, and gives a solution, but I decided to look into Norwegian purl, which she says is similar to her way. I looked around on YouTube, and found several where the instructor is absolutely flying through the work, and I couldn’ t follow what was going on. Cheryl Kemp’s instructions finally were clear enough for me to get it. Now I can purl continental, which I hadn’t been able to do so far.

First Scarf, First FO

Garter Ridge ScarfSince this is going to be my knitting blog, I better start with a post about my first knitting project. I will recount my path to becoming an MK (male knitter) (or is it MWK [man who knits]?) in much greater detail in future posts, but it is fair to say that I started this scarf in September and finished it in November. I’ve gotten a lot faster than that. My second scarf only took about 5 weeks, and my third is wrapping soon, probably 3-4 weeks. I made this first one on bamboo #8 needles, the yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease in the “wood” color. Pattern is from Knitting for Dummies. I was frustrated with how long it took me to get the item finished, but I was able to fix most of my mistakes with the help of my wonderful knitting instructor, my long-suffering wife Myrriah. Here are a couple more views of the thing… which I’ve been wearing when it actually gets cold here in the Charlotte, NC area.

Garter Ridge Scarf made of Wool-Ease acrylic/wool blend yarn in worsted weight
Garter Ridge scarf from Knitting for Dummies