NBC5.com – Rare Kittens Born In Germany

Manul Cats Have Longest, Thickest Fur Of Species

Four Manul kittens made their first public appearance at a zoo in Berlin, Germany.

Manul cats are from the mountains between Afghanistan and Mongolia.

They have longest and thickest fur of the cat species and can weigh up to 8 pounds.

The kittens will stay at the zoo with their parents until they get older, when they’ll be sent to other zoos to be bred.

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DenverPost.com – Shattered town grapples with uncertain future

Of the 13 buildings Heemeyer attacked with his Mad-Max machine, three-fourths of them were destroyed. Now owners of this mountain town’s central businesses are left wondering how to proceed. Damaged or destroyed businesses worry that insurance won’t cover costs of rebuilding.

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Man Behind Rampage Found Dead (washingtonpost.com)

GRANBY, Colo., June 5 — An angry citizen with a grudge against City Hall and the local newspaper was found dead Saturday morning in his home-made armored tank after a destructive rampage that turned parts of downtown Granby into rubble heaps Friday — but injured no one except the perpetrator.

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Mac and Cheese… the EASY way!

I like mac and cheese, but I don’t like the drudgery of making it myself, and I don’t like most packaged products… besides, I know how cheap it should be, and hate paying more for it than I have to. A few months ago, I tried a new method, and now I have M&C for work or lunch whenever I want. I just cook 3/4 of a pound of macaroni (any kind) and while it is cooking I heat the oven to 375. I drain the macaroni, mix in a jar of Classico Alfredo sauce, crumble some crackers on top, and bake it for 30 minutes in a covered casserole. It makes three fairly large portions. If you need to stretch the recipe, just cook the full pound of pasta. If you like your M&C really “saucy,” just reduce the amount of pasta a little. Oh, one thing I do; after I pour the sauce into the pasta, I fill the jar half way with warm water and slosh it around to get the rest of the sauce out, then add it to the mix. Make sure you stir everything well. Let me know if you try this! It is really simple. I tried the Bertolini (sp?) sauce, but didn’t like it as well.

You SURE We’re Only Going 50?

Oddly Enough – Reuters

DETROIT (Reuters) – Honda Motor Co. (news – web sites) Ltd. is recalling
nearly 8,200 model year 2004 motorcycles because of a computer glitch that
could prompt their drivers to go too fast, federal safety regulators said
on Tuesday.

The program error causes the digital speedometer on some of the
motorcycles to understate actual vehicle speed by about 25 percent, the
U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (news – web sites)

“This condition can result in the vehicle being driven at an illegal or
unsafe speed,” NHTSA said in an advisory on its Web site.

It did not elaborate, but state police may already have noticed a
disproportionate number of people breaking speed limits lately on
late-model Honda motorcycles.