Bonzer Site of the Week

This is from a newsletter I get once a week, called This is True. I

tried two questions out on this thing, and it guessed the first one

right in 22 questions, the second it got in 19… (gun was the first item,

velociraptor was the second)

If you try it out, let me know.

BONZER WEB SITE OF THE WEEK: – Twenty Questions, updated for the computer age.

In this experiment in artificial intelligence, the computer tries to guess what you’re thinking of by asking simple questions. Think of an object and give it a go; you could be surprised by what it can guess. (It correctly guessed I was thinking

“unicorn” after 12 questions.) Everything 20q knows and all questions that it asks were entered by people playing the game; the more it’s played, the smarter it gets. At the end it lists contradictions to what it “knows”, which can be quite interesting.

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