Say it, don’t spray it: Dealing with jokes, rumors, and spam

Note: this is part of an article written by “The Crabby Office Lady,” a
Microsoft columnist.

<b>”Say it, don’t spray it.”</b> <i>I’ve used this little saying before,
and it apparently made an impression on some of my readers (who, of
course, wrote to tell me about it). But some of you are still not getting
the message. When I wrote that line, I was talking about using the Bcc box
to prevent all your e-mail recipients from seeing each others’ e-mail
addresses. It’s the courteous thing to do (and I’m nothing if not an
e-mail etiquette advocate, even though not the perfect practitioner).</i>

<i>So, why an entire column about it? Well, this column is not just about
the Bcc box, per se. It’s more about how to deal with keeping all those
jokes (rarely funny), rumors (rarely true), and spam e-mail (rarely funny
or true) from soiling your pristine Inbox when your senders are clueless
about the Bcc box.</i>

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