Getting the Most from Content Management Developing A Taxonomy

It is not surprising when companies consider deploying a content
management system (CMS), they look first at establishing a technology

But what they often fail to consider is the governance, or taxonomy,
that will enable them to reap the benefits of such systems.

As a definition, content is all of a company’s stored knowledge, from
Internets and intranets to sales presentations, to the extensive
technical documents and other proprietary materials it creates. And,
in simplest terms, a company’s taxonomy is the skeleton from which all
content hangs.

Gartner researchers note in their report Waves of Information
Disruption Due in 2003 that “to get value from the vast quantities of
information and knowledge, enterprises must establish discipline and a
system of governance over the creation, capture, organization, access
and utilization of information.”

-M.J. Lavin,
Indian Land, SC