Aethelwyne Mitten aka “Myr’s Elven Friend”


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I finished the first Aethelwyne mitten today. This one is a fun project. I’m hoping to cast on the second one tonight, though my day has not turned out as I expected at all, so I won’t be too surprised if I don’t get started on it. (sigh)

This pattern is from Knitting New Mittens & Gloves by Robin Melanson. I made it with Noro Kureyon yarn I picked up at Charlotte Yarn a few weeks ago. I know I’m probably missing a lot of the colors (because of my color vision problem) but it looks mighty colorful to me! Myr picked out the yarn, and the mittens will be for her. So far I’m very pleased. The bobbles and the method for the thumb opening were both new for me.

As I said, the project has been fun… and very quick. I started this one on Sunday afternoon, got just past the bobbles and realized that I’d messed something up bad and had to tink back to the ribbed cuff and start fresh with the bobbles. The second effort was so much better. I did part of the body during a long phone meeting at work, got to the top of the finger point Monday evening, and did the thumb on the train on Tuesday.

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