Stress and knitting

I only learned to knit nine months ago, but since then I’ve fallen into the pattern of stressing about unfinished projects. Last night, I knit three rows on the afghan, then set it aside to get ready for bed. I realized that I had no expectations about this particular project, and it was fine to get it done whenever. That realization was nice. I felt relaxed about working on the afghan a little at a time. I decided to treat all my knitting like this. After all, I’ve got more than enough other expectations …both external and internal… supplying plenty of stress, and don’t need my hobby to be another source of the lovely stuff.

Hope I can keep this perspective for a while!

Pix of The Hat of Many Curses

I finally got some pictures of THoMC. Obviously, a work in progress. As of this photo this afternoon, I was about 3 and a half inches beyond the base of the i-cord. I’m down to 4 inches now and working on the next increase. This one is going to be 138 stitches when it is done, and it was at 48 in these photos. I’m at 64 now, and have switched to 5 needles.  I’m also a little tippsy, so no telling if those numbers were deadon.

The Hat of Many Curses