Bug in the Comment This comments… only in the archives, and only for IE (AFAIK)


I think that I should just switch to Firefox and get it over with. I’ve needed to use it for school, but after downloading the latest Netscape Navigator, maybe I’ll use NN for school and Firefox for everything else.

What I’m bitching about is that I’ve just discovered that, if I go into the archives for this blog (with IE), and try to read the comments that people have left (the Comment This comments, anyway), I can’t. But if I use Firefox, I can.

Since only the Comment This comments tool shows up on the home page, (I can’t figure out how to make the Blogger comments work on the home page) I really want to keep using it, but now with this IE bug… sheesh. Well, perhaps this bug will push me to use Firefox more often, and maybe it will also push me to figure out why the Blogger comments work fine in the archives but not in the index page. {{ sigh }} I’ve probably screwed something up in the template.

Armed and Dangerous

Predictability, Computability, and Free Will [Science]

Quoted from Eric Raymond’s Blog:

“I’ve been reading some philosophical discussion of the free-will/determism question recently. Quite a number of years ago I discovered a resolution of this question, but never did anything with it because I assumed I had simply reinvented a well-known position and could not really contribute anything to the debate. However, the research I’ve done recently suggests that my resolution of the question is actually a novel one.

Like a lot of philosophy, the discussion of free will and determinism I’ve seen founders on two errors. One of this is Aristotelianism, an attachment to observer-independent two-valued logic in a system of universal categories as the only sort of truth. The other is a tendency to get snarled up in meaningless categories that are artifacts of language rather than useful abstractions from observed reality.”

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