Week One of the 11 pairs in 2011 Challenge

I know I mentioned a few days ago that I was joining the 11 mittens for 2011 challenge on the Ravelry group I Make Mittens. Our start time was midnight GMT on New Years Eve, ¬†which meant that I could start at 7 p.m. my time. I was about to sit down to a lovely prime rib dinner then, so it was closer to 8 p.m. before I actually cast on. We watched a couple of shows on Netflix instant download after supper and I astonished myself by (a) staying up to midnight (it’s been a long time since I bothered to stay up for New Year’s) and (b) finishing the first mitten. I cast on for the second one Saturday morning and finished grafting the thumb tip at about 10 p.m. Myrriah suggested the color combination here. She said it would be a “witchy” look!

Green and Black basic mittens

I’m probably going to make a pair with blue cuffs and black hands next.

Random finished object

I didn’t realize how many things I’ve missed out on posting on the blog over the last couple of years. In June of ’09 I finally finished my first pair of socks intended for me. I made these cuff-down, two-at-at-time on a long circular needle. They are made with Mountain Colors Bearfoot. Size 12.5 US Men’s socks are big socks.

I ran out of yarn about half way along the foot. My wife wrote about how we found additional yarn on her blog…

Socks I made for myself


I’ve worn the socks a couple of dozen times, I’d guess. They’d get more use except that they’re so warm that I can’t wear them except on the coldest days. The soles have fulled a bit, but that’s not a problem. I’m still very pleased with them. Only my third pair of socks.