Integrated Web Design: Social Networking – The Relationship between Humans and Computers is Coming of Age

by Molly Holzschlag

The interaction between community, computers, and society is now being referred to as “social networking,” and it’s making a lot of heads turn. But what is social networking, really, and what does it mean to web technologists? In this compelling article by Molly Holzschlag, you’ll learn what social networking is, which languages are emerging to support it, and what it might mean for the next generation of web design and development. Read More…

Prayer death arrest

26 Aug 2003

An autistic eight-year-old boy died while being restrained in a sheet during a Milwaukee church prayer service held in an attempt to cure him.

A man connected with the small storefront church was arrested, police and a church official said yesterday.

Several members of the Faith Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith prayed over him for more than an hour on Friday night until someone noticed he wasn’t moving, Bishop David Hemphill Sr. said.

‘The boy just had a problem in his mind . . . (God) chose to fix it by taking him back home to him,’ he said. “