The Giant Scarf is DONE!

On Sunday night I finally forced myself to sit down and finish the “giant” garter-stitch scarf I’d stuck in a drawer weeks ago after having to frog it back about 12 inches. I am trying to work on the “error leads to disappointment leads to avoidance of the project” formula that seems to kick in. I’m including some photos of the frogging process, it was the first time that I ran a ‘rip cord’ in below an error and frogged back to it, so I took pictures to document it.

Here is where I got back to the rip cord


and here is a photo showing how wide the scarf turned out.


I should have chosen a different shirt to wear for these photos, I look like even more of a dweeb than usual!

Giant_Scarf_4“I’m ready for my close-up!”

The Hat of Many Curses is DONE!

I finally finished THoMC. It had two more quick jabs for me, the first of which was kind of interesting. I knitted onto the wrong circular while I was on the train and ended up with this loop:

Yes, that is one long circular needle running around one half, across the gap, around the other side of the hat in the opposite direction, and out again. I guess it is like an “S” shape. The second “oops” came when I thought that I was done with the cast-off. I went and snapped the yarn, then realized that I had another 20 stitches to bind off. Sigh.

Everyone who sees the hat mentions the good tension control:

The Hat of Many Curses - stitches
The Hat of Many Curses - Rolled Edge
I like the closeup of the rolled brim, showing the “wrong” or purl side of the hat.
And here is the hat. I was very happy to get it off the needles. I want to send it off north to my brother Patrick’s family. I’m hoping one of his kids will get some use out of it.

The Hat of Many Curses - View 1

I am planning to work on some wrist warmers or fingerless mitts next. I’ve got an introductory sock book on the way from Amazon, so socks are inevitable (knock wood).