Progress on the Bulky Hat

Bulky Knitted Hat in ProgressA quick check-in on the Bulky Hat project I started Friday night. I struggled with the “knit and purl into the same stitch” increase in this top-down hat, something I found on Ravelry, titled “Bulky Knitted Hat by Kristin Omdahl.” I think I had a lot of trouble with the increase because I’d just learned an increase that was “knit into the front and back.” Once I got past the increases, I switched from English (which I’m comfortable with) to Continental-style knitting (which I’m learning). I used the Norwegian purl on this section, since it is k1 p1 ribbing, and once I got going, it was as quick as I’d hoped it would be. But I have to concentrate. I found a reversed stitch about 6 rows back (three knits in a row) and Myrriah showed me how to place a stitch holder, then drop down to the mistake, fix it, and use a crochet hook to bring the stitch back up to the needles. On this style, it was easy. I can imagine how much harder it would be on garter stitch, where you are having to reverse direction each row.