The Hat of Many Curses is DONE!

I finally finished THoMC. It had two more quick jabs for me, the first of which was kind of interesting. I knitted onto the wrong circular while I was on the train and ended up with this loop:

Yes, that is one long circular needle running around one half, across the gap, around the other side of the hat in the opposite direction, and out again. I guess it is like an “S” shape. The second “oops” came when I thought that I was done with the cast-off. I went and snapped the yarn, then realized that I had another 20 stitches to bind off. Sigh.

Everyone who sees the hat mentions the good tension control:

The Hat of Many Curses - stitches
The Hat of Many Curses - Rolled Edge
I like the closeup of the rolled brim, showing the “wrong” or purl side of the hat.
And here is the hat. I was very happy to get it off the needles. I want to send it off north to my brother Patrick’s family. I’m hoping one of his kids will get some use out of it.

The Hat of Many Curses - View 1

I am planning to work on some wrist warmers or fingerless mitts next. I’ve got an introductory sock book on the way from Amazon, so socks are inevitable (knock wood).

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