Day 1/70 – the countdown begins

Unless my math skills have deteriorated even more than my muscles have, 10 weeks equals 70 days. The YAYOG intro program is 10 weeks long. I’m going to go at it with as much intensity as I can muster, and—with luck—record my progress here.

A few of my preconceptions:

  • I’ll make slow progress, not dramatic progress.  After all, I’ve been sedentary for 13 years except for a couple of earlier attempts at losing weight that I didn’t stick with for more than three months.
  • Food (overeating) is going to be my biggest problem (sadly, I confirmed this last night when I ate 5 slices of pizza, when two or three would have been plenty).
  • I’m worried about injury, but this program is supposed to minimize the chance of that.
  • I’m going to want to quit.

I’m not really sure how to measure progress. Later today I’ll try to post a list of my goals, but I’m going to have to refine them as I read more of Mark’s book. I certainly hope to lose the excess flab around my stomach, but see “food” above… The reality will probably be that I’ll get stronger but look the same there. No six-pack for me… 🙁